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  1. rip the most massive high roller,


  2. wow the huge die young rip dik 2k10-2k17 gone but never forgotten

    1. Guy


      fuking rip hugest of all time aka s0nnie.

      cya f00l

  3. The Time To Strike Is Now

    ur a worst guy than overkill and tradizzle combined pal
  4. The Time To Strike Is Now

  5. Can I Join Mm Now

    no idiot
  6. The Time To Strike Is Now

    i support
  7. Serious Question: Why Did You Quit(If You Did)

    i cant load rs s0n my windows 98 cant handle it anymore
  8. Master Chef - 99 Cooking

    takes like 3 days to bot to 99 s0nnie
  9. Welcome To Eoc Bitch

  10. Itsonmydik42S Girlfriend

    thats my dad
  11. Welcome To Eoc Bitch

  12. Welcome To Eoc Bitch

    rip d4rk s0nnie
  13. Quest Almost Complete

    god ******* dammit just find the closest ******* v****a near u and **** the **** out of it already jesus christ s0n or even go **** a dog in the *** BOOM QUEST COMPLETE
  14. Duno Wot Happened