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  2. Coast7 Introduction

    welcome to ROONSCAPE
  3. Checkout My New Kukkaro

    wtf ur white?
  4. Who Still Plays?

    duh, i was maxed and loaded. No one plays anymore do yourself a favor and get an xbox or something
  5. Clan Wars Update

    perfect response
  6. New Hybrid Hurtz Pk Video !

    this is actually like the nicest thing ever
  7. 06.06.06

    how was that 8 years ago.
  8. Has Runescape Returned To It Old Form Yet?

    don't bother, rs without mm is nothing
  9. To Anyone Who Still Plays

  10. Hit Him Pk/pvp Video 4 - 70 Attack Pure

    switching to str on spec with a whip.dds combo is some yoloswag
  11. I miss everyone including the people i didn't even like. Like that estonian f ucker
  12. Runescape Officially An Esport

    cringed too many times. I hate hearing the word runescape said outloud.