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  1. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    They're making a season 2 @-My Overflow
  2. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Isn't just the production company; it requires the cooperation of various parties to produce an anime and it isn't always to convince people to take said risk when it wont make any money for them.
  3. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Sangatsu no lion was awesome. Glad it gets a second season.
  4. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

     I was watching the new ep of konosuba and thinking "oh wow they really went all out on the animation this ep"  get to the end >last ep of season >fml
  5. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Loli h****r is a great show
  6. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Depends on your taste; If you want cute girls/slice of life/comedy stype stuff: Demi-Chan wa kataritai & Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Slow paced drama: ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka & Sangatsu No Lion Season 2 of Blue Exorcist if you enjoyed the first.  They just announced spring anime line up and it has some really good shows airing (lots of sequels if you've seen their first seasons)   AoT S2, Boku No Hero Academia S2; Saeskano S2; Shingeki no Bahamut S2; DanMachi S2;      
  7. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

      f**k you fight me
  8. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

      ngnl movie key visual
  9. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    this was legit the best ep of konosuba ever
  10. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    If  yinz are looking for  a good romance anime that isnt teenage melodrama with some kewl characters/setting/musik go watch Akagami no Shirayukihime.  It gives me that S&W feel =[
  11. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Excluding the characters yeah
  12. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    Like I know Aqua as a character is supposed to get so horribly unbearable in the latter half of Konosuba but I'm enjoying the show quite a bit.  I wonder if the writing is taking a different direction or if the seiyuu is just killing it