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  1. you guys are gaywods

    all of you are gaywods
  2. Pic dump

    This guy is a known cuck 
  3. It’s well known that only 3 strikes are/were needed to remove a member from the clan. Well, here’s Speshls Owns’ history. 1. BSed AKA Azn Pk (aka Tiny Kitty) in September of 2007 for his D2H, which was probably around 2.5m at the time. 2. BSed One Last Ko on a trip in 2009 at around level 30 wild. One Last Ko was a f****t and I agree with Speshls’ decision, but that’s another strike. 3. Killed some random fags for phats in his house in 2008/2009 by getting them to low HP and trading them poisenous/poorly cooked karambwan and taking their rightfully earned items. This was funny as f**k and I would’ve done the same, but this is just another strike for Speshls. Sad! 4. Speshls, myself, Cha0s Arr0wz, and Josh Flowers used to form our own little team every Saturday and Sunday in the clan wars portal in 2008. This is not acceptable and we all deserve a strike, but this is Speshls 4th strike off the top of my head. 5. Speshls Own is fat. 5th strike. I could go on, but it’s clear Speshls was a poor clansmen and teammate. Please ban this man.
  4. Whats up people

  5. Any1 main pk (lol rs in 2018)

    Dumb cucks
  6. Merry whatever u celebrate

    Dumb cuck
  7. Anieli

    Anieli is a phag boy that hangs around with Theo What a loser  
  8. slabby k0ed in c engineer vid

    Wow what a cuck
  9. Can I have my Mod privelages back?

    Peace Within?
  10. I actually remembered my password

    If you don’t tell everyone how much the Santa is now worth, you’ll be banned within the next hour. 
  11. It got taken away years ago for editing forum signatures. I’d like to edit signatures again because it is very funny and triggers fellow forum members. Please give me my mod privelages back. Make MM Forums Great Again!
  12. Why is he the one who had to endure the f*****g beast specs? He wasn’t even 99 strength as well.
  13. 13th is the man who started the transition and move for MM to become the #1 pure clan by leading nearly every trip in late 2008, nearly all of 2009, and most of 2010 if I remember correctly. What do you think this legend is doing these days in the real?   
  14. Speshls Own is a scammer

    I tbed and he scammed the whip...