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  1. Why is he the one who had to endure the f*****g beast specs? He wasn’t even 99 strength as well.
  2. 13th is the man who started the transition and move for MM to become the #1 pure clan by leading nearly every trip in late 2008, nearly all of 2009, and most of 2010 if I remember correctly. What do you think this legend is doing these days in the real?   
  3. Speshls Own is a scammer

    I tbed and he scammed the whip...
  4. cc

    Wow, what a tiny virg aka s0nny aka k0 no re aka 
  5. $157,485.71

    I've used Bovada which is now IgnitionPoker for about 3 years. I play random $10-20 6-9 man sit and goes because that's the only tournament type structure there is. I'd play religiously if I could play legit tournaments on pokerstars. Still don't understand why it's banned in the states.
  6. $157,485.71

    So r******d that you can't use pokerstars in the US
  7. You are all homosexuals

    This is the worst clan I've ever been in. The first day I joined I got called a cuck and a beta male then got kicked from the CC. RuneScape is my outlet as I get called those bad names almost every day and then this happens.  
  9. Legendary. If someone can find/upload keylogger's pk videos of the whip to rune cbow combo that would be great. 
  10. while we're at it, someone who knows how find these threads find the one that keylogger5 made in the hi/bye section and v1p3r edited it to flame mahatma lmfao  
  11. Rip celtic

    damn what a cuck   he shoulda been shaking his p***s
  12. DdsPk rs2011 PKIng | HD | Perfect Combat

    what kind of phaggot wants to play a 2011 version of runescape?   oh and shake that p***s boy
  13. Any old school MM still play?

    hello jzxcvbnm
  14. Which pure clan are u in?

    cya hick