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  1. need m8s

    been gone long   about to join fatality pls help   rsn  J muz
  2. need m8s

    i dont want to join foe though i dont even know wat clans are open or anything i just got asked to join fi
  3. shall i join fatality lol

  4. Selling Runescape Names

    You can have the name 'Get Ketty' for a bag of ket x 
  5. f*****g Hell

    f**k Are there any clans on OSRS for Tanks? f**k man these forums depress the f**k out of me I didn't realise how dead OSRS was until I came onto these forums f**k this
  6. f*****g Hell

    Is hf still open? I tried logging onto they're website but I can't remember my username
  7. Nalstagia

    Nice to see you here
  8. oi you little s**t add I Muzzy I

  9. Money Making Guide For Rs 2007

    This is a nice video