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  1. I Got 2 Def..

    I know the feeling, but i gusse you can learn to live it :)
  2. 1 Defense Pure Quest Guide

    Heey Thank you, very usefull im using this as a reminder for my new acc.
  3. Farmeriggz Is Bak

    Nice bro
  4. Ready For Pvp Worlds

    Gratz glC yaaround! Yah
  5. Completed Dt

    I guess no pic no proof! :hi:
  6. A Bandos Guide Solo/duo/trio +

    I guess it works for trio+ teams if ur a gs pure or maxed ranged, But getting there and all that is the same obviously :halo:
  7. The Greatest

    Congratz man :)
  8. Mad Progress

    Well im not gonna lie i do crash ppl, But thats only after i've gotten crashed and theres no empty worlds, Just the way it works
  9. Mad Progress

    Yes i do add me ingame Tame madness and its untamed
  10. Mad Progress

    Just kidding, I just wanted to say hi!
  11. Hello Mayhem makers, I took the time to make this guide when the servers were begin markflurred, I hope you have any use for it even if ur low defence, Also me and Fig madness have plans on joining mm again with new pures! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAZ-EIDhyGM&feature=c4-overview&list=UUQpIsHxXANCB9EbTV25Vjgg
  12. Pred Be Making Gainz

    Thats pretty!
  13. Strenght!

  14. Progress Video #3

    thanks :)