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  1. oi you little s**t add I Muzzy I

  2. This Saturdays Premier League Matches

    Arsenal to win (y)
  3. Life Lesson Yo

    1: Is your life better now after you read this? : Not really 2: Do you agree with Dr.Dre statement? : Celebrity quotes are as stupid as the person who posts them 3: Do you want to **** some b*****s now? : Sure
  4. Ucas Clearing Process?

    Lol i'm not too bothered about the fees, i'm just hoping that this 9% less applications means that my university may have empty spaces on my course and be extra lenient otherwise i'm f****d. My insurance is hertfordshire, idk why i picked it i'm gonna do everything to avoid going there -_-
  5. F M L

    Netherlands have some strict stupid laws, my cousin lives there and apparently its a piece of s**t :/ pretty sure the cops there will stop you just for looking young/of different colour...but hey, weed's legal so who cares :tease:
  6. Ucas Clearing Process?

    ik, all i ever wanted to do was go uni n fuk b*****s ffs :(
  7. Yeyeyeye

    tyty, and yes henry very easy, but u have to be bawsssssssss like me
  8. Ucas Clearing Process?

    Has anyone gone through clearing before? wtf do you have to do just call up uni's and beg because you haven't got the grades? :S and is it really as pressurising as people say? With 1 week left till Results day, I ain't takin any chances LOL and seeing as I drank throughout the whole year pretty much and messed about I'm trying to be realistic and plan ahead coz I don't want missing the grades a uni wants to be too much of a shock to me! Cheers, and yeah you amerifags probably confused as fk if u read this
  9. 99 Prayzorz

    thats bigggg congrats son
  10. Yeyeyeye

    not that impressive but when ur as broke as me then this is bank, 99 str doin main for me woop after that double d claw drop few weeks ago, if this keeps happenin i just might be able to afford 92 herblore :o plz don't run out luck I post way too many of these, maybe i should start a gallery hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. Good Luck Fi

    thank you everyone <3
  12. Good Luck Fi

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooop gl zenith, gl fatality legooooooooo
  13. Look How Cool She Is. :3

    don't know her but 8/10 wud bang
  14. He Expects Us To Be At His Party...

    let's go just for shits n giggles, n because he mentioned us lolol
  15. What Being A Veteran Runescape Player Is

    trimming n bank sales are pretty old lol