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  1. Still Trying

    Please do this
  2. Like i said .. we're legends
  3. Congrats Boys

    Not Legends?
  4. Can I have my Mod privelages back?

    I support but is anyone who has the ability to give them back still around the forums? 
  5. I Got My Heart Broke :*((

    f*****g Jawns...   also since when do people not from philly know what a jawn is?
  6. Look what I grew

    Heres 1/3 of their garden   
  7. Look what I grew

    Looking great man! Keep it up! My company is harvesting for the worlds largest outdoor grow this season. I’ll put some pics up soon 👍🏼
  8. where da OGs @???

    😂😂😂😂😂forgot about this 
  9. Look what I grew

    Nice good choices !
  10. I decided to max

  11. Look what I grew

    They're looking happy! What strains are you growing this summer?
  12. Look what I grew

    I'd say I'm around 70farming. Only do my home grow... don't run a commercial operation yet lol. 
  13. Look what I grew

    Thanks I've been growing it for like 26years now 😂
  14. Look what I grew

    Nah I live in Colorado. I could have 4x as much if I wanted