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  1. I'm back

    Sorry only room for one Dave in MM 😅
  2. 85 magic

    add me
  3. Any old school MM still play?

    🤔crazy if that's really him 
  4. I see manson lurking

    Tldr;  Manson likes men 
  5. Sup Fam

  6. hello

    I thought you died after being charged with sexual assault on a child?
  7. This Weeks Forum Post

    Yoo Blingjatt
  8. yo

    Yoooo Ryan! 
  9. Change banner back

    Whose job is it nowadays?
  10. <b>Real Life Pictures</b>

    I graduated college already and now I'm growing some bomb home grown😂😂 I posted a thread of how it ended up looking if you like that. This pic is week 4/10 of flower
  11. The Second Coming

    I don't have a clue who that is 😂
  12. Yankin Deez

    What's up hattricks!   So has anyone seen that yankin since? 
  13. Look what I grew

    Thanks!7.7 ounces from one plant. Veg'd for 2.5months and topped to how I liked it. Scrogged it out and flowered for 9 weeks. Used canna a and b daily and gave it a heavy dose of PK weeks 5.5-7. Then flushed with straight water until harvest. Used roughly 700watts LEDs. Its a cross of genetics I made. Girlscout crossed with trainwreck then back crossed with girlscout. Calling it PreWreck 101