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  1. you guys are gaywods

    gaywoods? i think i identify as a packwoodz?
  2. Hello old friends

    so much changed. took me a couple months of playing to catch on.. join a clan chat with alot of members and thatll help alot. i think cuz so many ppl botted phat drops the first time they now they drop em every year. I have like 50 from the first drop ;) lol  
  3. Hello old friends

    lmao someone sold scribbs to the botters. hmu! 420 Dave
  4. Basically you need to kill the bosses hundreds of times to get a rare pet from them. you can get pet's from training other stats but the boss pets are waaaay more rare btw give me an add! '420 Dave'
  5. yeah but how many boss pets do you have?
  6. Hey

    give it a year or two and theyll see it ;)
  7. Hey

  8. Who still plays?

  9. Wow no ones noticed this over one year old post about buying gold from some china website lol
  10. Forums have risen once more

    Thanks Etho! 
  11. Who still plays?

    went 45 def for now. might go main. Add me 0x dave 0x. Im bored af this summer lol
  12. I need to hire someone to design me an e-commerce website and possibly a new logo to match. Right now im using the bs site ecwid supplies and a bs logo I made just to get it going.  Figured id see if any of you fools could do it ? comment here, send a pm, or email me  www.TheCBDaves.com   (is anyone even here still?)    
  13. Been a week.. how was your hospital trip? 
  14. 5 Years

  15. I was framed

  16. Still Trying

    Please do this
  17. Like i said .. we're legends
  18. Congrats Boys

    Not Legends?
  19. Can I have my Mod privelages back?

    I support but is anyone who has the ability to give them back still around the forums? 
  20. I Got My Heart Broke :*((

    f*****g Jawns...   also since when do people not from philly know what a jawn is?
  21. Look what I grew

    Heres 1/3 of their garden   
  22. Look what I grew

    https://imageshack.com/i/pmEPwzn6j https://imageshack.com/i/po64vAZgj Damn why it won't embed