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  1. not that I stream but if I did

    tried to watch but runescape looks boring. miss u nigs tho
  2. Being alone

    get yourself a girl
  3. Free Pims and Fear My K0

    lmao fear my k0o was such a moron
  4. where da OGs @???

    what do you look like now im curious 
  5. dw just go to bars/clubs it usually isnt too hard if u have confidence my man
  6. tinder is easy as f**k by a big city, I'm less than 30 mins from Chicago and girls are dtf all the time. Only issue is if you're looking for something serious tinder isn't usually the best option
  7. Where, Oh Where Is Solo King?

    holy s**t i remember this IM DEAD
  8. My Comp's Been Hacked

    there were nights I couldn't sleep worrying about poor Jimmy's PC
  9. Why does the name Caws ring a bell

    lol why would i still play virginscape 
  10. TriHard

    didnt he get banned from here for p**n links or w.e?
  11. Where, Oh Where Is Solo King?

    memories, can't believe that was 6 years ago. JFC we got older.

    f**k u all
  13. Gather the flags bois

    rofl i still remember using his firecape guides to make mills off mm members caping for them