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  1. what hello trade chat flew? when.
  2. Our Level, Get On It

    You need this s**t still!
  3. [Official] Diablo 3

    whimsyshire is just as hard if not harder than act3 lol. Everyone has farmed act 1 for a bit, you're going to have to aswell.
  4. [Official] Diablo 3

    I don't even know rofl. You should be farming act 1 anyways its gonna take you hours to kill s**t in act 3 with that damage.
  5. [Official] Diablo 3

    WW barb so easy, farming A3 all day. http://us.battle.net...2/hero/15350590 You don't need as that much resists 600-700 is good. get some hp i'd say atleast 33k but shoot for around 40k. Weapon speed really doesn't ******* matter, just make sure you're higher damage weapon is in your main hand because the tornadoes from sprint come from that. 40% crit chance is good to sustain enough rage for everything then get crit damage when you can. An axe/mace in the mainhand with the weapon's master passive is nice. Also if you're going to play WW movespeed is needed atleast 10% if i remember correctly to make sure you can get 4 tornadoes out from sprint. Your offhand should be basically a stat stick, high LoH (800+) and crit damage strength and vitality if you can get it but don't fork out a **** ton more for like 100str its not that big of a deal.
  6. [Official] Diablo 3

    Found this badboy in a chest, sold for 60mil but this is after AH cut.