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  1. I'm Back Sons

    wow me and u are in the same boat. both forum quests when we shouldn't be
  2. To Old For Dorm?

    Nah, its fine to live in dorms. This is what happens at my campus. freshmen, move into dorm for first time super fun but we want to rebel sophmore, gets apartment, have fun first 2 months, realizes it's s**t to walk 30mins to campus everyday and pay more money for worse internet, not infinite hot water, and other conviences. junior year, moves back into dorm, and now knows all the tricks! senior year, stays in dorm
  3. Inb4 99 Mage

  4. Application rank please * Introduction Link ( Required ): http://www.mm-rs.org...topic/72888/O4/ RS Name: O4 Runescape Stats ( Picture required ): http://img682.images...00416163728.png Teamspeak Picture ( To download TS click HERE ): What gear and inventory do you take to events ( Recommended gear can be found Here Pictures REQUIRED ): F2P: P2P: * Do you have any warring/Clan co-operation experience? sí -If yes then answer these questions as well as you can: What does "DD" Mean? Death dot What does "Fall in" Mean? Drop what you're doing and follow the leader What does "Off" Mean? Stop attacking What does "Piling" Mean? attacking a designated person with other people so the person dies swiftly We defeat a clan but half of them run into single, what do you do? Follow the pk trip leader, most likely staying in multi We walk by a high leveled main, what do you do? Stay falled in unless directed otherside by the leader A clan member gets attacked by another clan member, what do you do? Nothing Our clan trips last for hours and it's REQUIRED that you return, do you promise to return no matter what? No matter what. Who referred you to MM?: Angus Have you been in any other clans before? *If yes, post reason(s) for leaving: AAO but it closed Post pictures of events that you've attended - these are required! Please write the date in your text box so we can see when it was. (If you need the times click HERE ): This is a pking clan so post pictures of decent kills: Forum activity is highly important and you are REQUIRED to check the forums at least once a week. If you fail to check the forum within 1 month you will be kicked, do you understand this? yes Most importantly, did you read the rules? I actually read the rules!
  5. I'm Back Sons

    only if i can jizz all over your sweet face
  6. now that puur is special quest, i can take the title king

  7. I'm Back Sons

    and gayer than ever
  8. forum guest piece of s**t

  9. Dungeoneering Guide

    Updated in December Why dungeoneer? Well it only gives the best pvp weapons in runescape. Sight(f2p)(50d):10k toks, 2.5x the range atk of longbow, increase speeds to scim. Maple longbow sighted never misses on rune. Arcane blast necklace(f2p)(54d): 15k toks, 10% magic damage, 12+ mage atk bonus Tome of Frost(p2p)(65d): 43k tokens, 10+ mage def and atk bonus, infinite water runes, saves 10+mil while u burst lobs Gravite(f2p)(64d): 40k tokens, Best weapon in f2p that doesnt degrade in 30mins Gravite staff(f2p): 5% mage damage, best staff in f2p. Combine ab neck + wizard mind bomb to hit 194s with fire blast. Gravite 2h(f2p): Best weapon in f2p. Gives 90 str bonus, as fast as baxe, 87 crush, hits alot of rune. pures can hit 350s. Gravite bow: 47 range bonus, best shortbow in f2p, thats about it...Good in minies. Arcane Stream necklace(p2p)(70d): 30k toks, 15% mage damage, 14+ mage atk bonus, most people buy this and gravite 2h. Chaotic(p2p)(80d): 200k toks, Best weapons(shield in game) Chaotic rapier: A whip on steroids, literally. 20 more str bonus than whip with same speed and 94 stab atk. pures in rag hit 420s Chaotic longsword: A vls with 3 more str bonus, hits constantly through tanks. pures hit 474s with this in rag gear. Chaotic maul: As fast as a godsword, Most accurate weapon in the game(+35) on godsword, but no spec, Hits 554 in rag. Chaotic staff: As fast as longsword, 72 str bonus(d scim is 66), 1 atk req, 20% magic damage, +18 mage atk and def. Combine this with magic pot and AS necklace for 450s with barrage, 468 with woplpertinger, 500+ with curses The Chaotic Shield I will list how to begin, and then how to start. This guide will be an on-going guide with updates. Recommendations: 90+ combat stat 60+ cooking 27+ rc with 32+mage(makes it easier) Where to begin: Walk there or take a boat behind al kharid bank When you get there, talk to the npc. he will give you a ring. This ring is necessary to start dungeoneering. Right click it and open dung interface. This will replace the quest icon. Now form a party, change ur floor and complexity to 1. Toggle the Green xp to turn shared xp off(so its red), then enter. After you do 6 dungeons from level 1-7(just stay in the dung, do it 6 times, and you will level to 7). Now that you are in the dungeon, there will be supplies, a supply seller, rune crafting altar, furnance and anvil, a water supply, and a group teleportation portal. You can modify this to be a farm path or an altar, along with other things. Some require skills and materials tho. To progress through a dungeon, you will need to open doors. Doors require skills, a puzzle, or a key to open. Most require you to kill all the monsters in the room. Never do the "exorcise spirit door" as it gives prayer xp. You will only be able to bring 1 item with out through all dungeons. Arrows and runes run out, so I recommend you bind a melee weapon. When you enter your first dung, you will be given a Katagon battleaxe. This requires 60 attack. Right click this item and bind it. Keep this until you acquire a better weapon. All items you drop in a dungeon will not disappear but will become available to your teamates as soon as you drop. The point of each dungeon(floor) is to get to the boss rooms. Bosses have a unique name so you can distinguish them from the other npcs(rat, skele). Each boss has a specific attack and/or defence. If you need to know how to defeat a boss, youtube the npc name. After you kill the boss, a compartment will open up revealing a ladder. Use this to exit. A screen will then pop up and show you how much experience you earned and why. Your first 6 dungs automatically levels you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~advanced/tips~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ after you do your first 6 dungs, I recommend you get the possible best weapon people can make(tier 10, as tier 11 is boss drop only.) Join "dung smith" cc, as an operator will take off his time to assist u. All melee weapons have a requirement of a certain level in both attack and strength, besides the maul. When examined it gives you a tier, this means the power of the item. It ranges from 1-11. Each tier has the requirement of its tier mulitplied by 10 minus 10(example tier 7 would be 7*10-10=60). The names of these listed in order are(tier1-11: notive, bathus, marmaros, kratonite,fractite, zephyrium, argonite, katagon, gorgonite, promethium, primal. I recommend bind a maul because arrows and runes may not last you the entire dungeon. u can hit 390 w/o pray/pot with prome maul and 99 str. Never use a 2h because after every dungeon, you may be training the strength option, but after the dung, on the next floor (or if you leave), it will be on defense. STAY THE **** AWAY FROM 2HS AND SPEARS There is something called prestige in dungeoneering. This is what jagex put in dungeoneering to make it less repetitive, but overall fabulous. YOur prestige is the highest floor you have reach. This and the base xp of the floor will average together to get your experience. Example i reached floor 6 which is 1k xp, and im on floor 1(100xp), i would get arounf 550 xp plus bonuses. In order to maximize dung exp, you must reset your progress after you have reached ur highest floor, and do your floors all over again. You may want to reconsider reseting if you are around 300xp until your next floor, just repeat the level, but your xp will be more than halved. Bonuses exist in every dungeon. These are known as floors, level mod, difficulty, size of dung and death(penalty). A death will give you -11%+ of your total experience per dung. This stacks so 2 deaths is around -24%(4+ is -48%).Basically you can get 1-13% bonus for opening a large amount of rooms. You also get a 3-19% bonus for having more people as this requires more diffculty(not really more difficulty, explained later). Also you can do a small(1-5people), med(1+), large(3/4+(cant remember)). Basically med floors 25-29(30) large are only good for the 30(31)+ floor dungeoners, so small is the way to go most of the time. Base experience and prestige xp are based off doors in the dungeon. If you open only a few doors you will get a small amount of xp. If you open all the doors you will max out ur base experience. Maxed out 35th prestige small is around 8k xp. However Maxed out base floor small ranges from 100-8kxp. Therefore it is better to rush thru the lower floors and get worse xp and save time because the xp you would get wouldnt be worth it. 5k is possible from floor 1, but if u rush thru it you could get 6-7k at floor 15+. So at the higher floors around 25+ you want to dunge with people with high skills(preferably 90+) so you can open every door. If you have a 90+ stat in every skill you can open every door(through pots). If you dont open a door on a large dungeon its about 1k xp per door so if you dont open 6 doors -6kxp(that you could have had). this is what you do after 70 dg: What i do: All on complexity 6 Floor 1-20 small rush 5:3/4:2/3:2/2:1/1:1 Floor 21-24 small 5:4(3)/4:2/3:2/2:2/1:1 Floor 26-29(30) med 5:4(5)/4:3(4)/3:2(3)/2:2/1:1 Floor 30(31)+ large 5:5 ONLY What others do:(I don't use) Floor 1-20 small rush c1(-50%xp) 5:1/4:1/3:1/2:1/1:1 Floor 21-29 med rush c6 5:3/4:2/3:2/2:1/1 Floor 1-29 small rush c1,c5,c6 5:3/4:2/3:2/2:1/1 Floor 25+ large 5:5 Floor 30+ large 5:5 Basically you will find what is best for you and your team. I recommend dungeoneering with the same people Why packs are better. With 5 people doing a small dungeon, you get a 19% bonus added on to your xp. The monsters levels are doubled, but there are 5 people killing, making it quicker than solo. The boss is around 3x or 4x the combat tho so watch out. Also with 5 people its less boring. As of the update that unlocked even more floors, it is now possible to gain even more experience. To maximize this use the following technique. At 80+ dungeoneering, C1 rush 5:1 floors 1-35 or med 25-35 Then do large 5:5 or 5:4 on floors 36+ Never spend tokens on dung xp. Never worth it(if you are going for rewards). This is the large dungeon set on 5:5(5 man difficulty with 5 people). This is at floor 34 and 35. With prestige 35, you can easily get 50k+ xp per large floor at 30-35. The only thing is the floor takes 45-90mins, while small takes around 3-10. 3rd pic is floor 45 on floor 45, if the team would have bothered to get 10% level mod, would have been 110kxp Gatestones These are teleporting devices. They require 3 cosmic. This is why 27 rc is an advantage. About to die? Just teleport out! This will save u -11%+ penalty. You can teleport in all boss rooms except icefiend. Group gatestone(ggs) is another good thing to use. It requires 3 law runes(54 rc optional) to use from anywhere. You get a ggs if you are party leader in the beginning. Anyone can pick up and drop it anywhere. Any1 can teleport to this gatestone in your group. You can drop this at bosses when ur ready for it. Or you carry it when you stray away from the pack and your team can teleport to you if you need help. You can also drop this at a door you need, but dont have the key. When you get stuck on another door, but got the key to the other, you can make your own gs(3 cosmics) and teleport to the old door and do that and then teleport back with the ggs in your inventory, and then the entire team can teleport to you. Same goes with altars, make a gs at altar, teleport to ggs, pick up the ggs, teleport back and the entire team can teleport to you to recharge prayer. There is a portal at home where you can teleport to ggs; therefore you can hometele and then use portal to get to ggs if you don't have runes or arent 64 magic. As you dungeon, npcs will drop coins. Use these coins to buy things from the smuggler to help. You can buy food and cook it, thats why cooking helps. Also in large and med dungeons you may not discover and altar. In the med and large dungeons you will need one or sacrifice a death for the boss. So buy the supplies for the altar to build at home, even if you found one because it might be at the random end of the dungeon. There is about a 1/7 chance you wont have an altar in med and large dungeons. This used to suck, but since you can make ur own altar at the beginning of july 19, it hasnt been an issue. What to pick up: charms(alch for coins), all herbs(drop ggs, tele home drop herbs, tele back to ggs), the herbs will stay there for later if you need potions, coins, gear if ur not 1 def. Rings: Rings weren't originally in dungeoneering. This was updated on July 19. Basically there are 12 rings. You can only have 1 at a time. The one i recommend for pures is the Berkser one. Right click and Customise ur Ring of kinshop in a dungeon. Then select berserker under melee(sword) and upgrade one tier for 100 tokens. This gives 11% str bonus. Tier 10 berserker takes 350k dung tokens for 20% so i recommend tier 1-5 as 5 is 1.5k tokens and gives 15% str bonus. Other good ones to have is the rapid selection for range(increases max damage) and the blazer on mage(20% chance of casting 50% more damage) for tier one. Overall I say its easier to dung on a pure because there is a plentiful amount of food. Only 5 level 138s with a silk hood(requires 45 defence and makes you invisible to all humanoid monsters) is faster. When I'm with my team we can do a large in around 35mins. 5 man 138 can only do 30mins so its not that mad of a difference. Pures bring a high offense and keep the monsters avg combat lvl lower. a maxed 80 cmb lvl pure would easily complete a floor 2-3x faster than a 80 combat main. Summoning does not affect the combat system in dungeoneering but you can use it. ONLY USE ONES THAT SAY MAGE AND RANGE. MELEE, HEALER, AND BOB SUMMONING MONSTERS GIVE DEFENCE EXPERIENCE. They barely make a difference so really stray away from this. All skills can be used in dung. All will give xp. Avoid exorcise spirit doors. Avoid spears AND 2HS.. Hope this guide helped you out!
  10. How Do You Make Friends?

    how you make friends cuz i have none and need advice. edit: i hate my friends(entire soccer/football team, and ap classmates.) because they are idiots or too nerdy edit2: all my friends i lyked were seniors(i was junior) so now they in college. edit3:every1 at my school act like they are a bo
  11. 4 Year Anniversary

    4 years ago on the day of the Devil, The Devil made plans for Runescape. His pawn was DurialThreeTwoOne
  12. Halo

    So who be gud at halo. Im a 5 star gen with no friends cuz i quit h3 for rs for 6months so now i need friends to wreck social 50s only. no noob brigs-