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  1. You're A Disgrace To Leet Team

    iSenne you did not have my permission to die.
  2. You're A Disgrace To Leet Team

    Clearly he didn't do work.
  3. Mahatma Statue

    It better have white dreads too.
  4. r

    Lol I remember him.
  5. #mom Hits Rune War

    Hey Ross! How are you doing man?
  6. #mom Hits Rune War

    Yes Tux all Ex-MM are welcome! :)
  7. #mom Hits Rune War

    Was a lot of fun, its amazing how clans couldn't handle us even when out numbering us. And our combat difference being pretty substantial, with me being such a low combat you'd expect them to have taken me down quite a few times.. I walked away with only 1 death lol. #Mom all day!
  8. Yolo

    Nice dude, good stuff!
  9. Permanent F2P This Thursday

    Nice, I remember making little mages and just pouncing people in varrock lol.
  10. 1 Pray Vs 15 Pray?

    If you want to do Dt plus get an ava, you might as well go ahead and get 31. I Don't think its worth keeping it at 15, its only a combat or two difference. I had a pure that was 1 pray and I loved pking on it. So either stay 1 or get 31 or higher.
  11. Do You Guys Hold Grudges?

    I personally tend not too, but I wont say I never have. What it boils down to is: has the person that has wronged you in anyway attempted to repair the situation and learn from it? So they do not make the same mistake. If the answer is yes I would also work to repair the broken relationship and admit to any fault, if any is present. Now what happens when the person continues to make the same mistake? This is a slippery slope and trying to forgive the person is the wise choice, but that doesn't mean be best friends and hang out with the person on a regular bases. If they continue to wrong you, then the is relationships potentially a toxic one and doing more harm then good. As previously mentioned time doesn't necessarily mean someone is getting better or worse, but there is always that chance. I think the best way to go about it is to drop the grudge and try to repair the relationships broken, but be cautious.
  12. Ethoxyethaan's Road To Oldschool!

    Dang dude! Nice work lol.
  13. Ethoxy

    Glad you have been back dude! I have enjoyed you keeping me company!
  14. Mm Vs Havoc P2P Mini

    Good job guys! (y)
  15. F2P Prep Vs Cp

    Man I miss doing these. Good job guys!