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  1. where da OGs @???

    thats chill, which ex-mm? may consider once mobile is out lol. 
  2. where da OGs @???

    hmm i remember the name, but i'm not sure
  3. Best Mm Memory?

    old vid i found:    mm foe rivalry was fun lol. mains were another story but also fun    
  4. where da OGs @???

    been way too long since i posted here, but obviously i had to when i found out runescape mobile is coming out. How yall nerds been/ is this forum even alive anymore?
  5. Girl

  6. Girl

  7. Girl

    heeyyy there
  8. Girl

    loool, i know right... i think i was 14 during the last pic.
  9. Girl

  10. Girl

    So, i met this chick about 2 weeks ago. I had sex with her 1.5 weeks after meeting her, and now we've had sex 3 times since we've met. so far ive known her 2.5 weeks. I never thought about getting into a relationship until her friends mentioned it... The problems are that I don't really know her too well, and since I've had sex with her, she's been more distant. I think she might be thinking i only want a physical relationship, but im meeting with her tomorrow and I dunno what I should do. cheers. p.s. hi mm.
  11. [Official] Starcraft

    not hard to get better in NA since competition is lower. takes like 10-20 games to get a feel for the game. and then a little bit of looking over build orders.
  12. Rise Of Planet Of The Apes

    it was pretty good, nice plot and action
  13. Treatmeants For Sickness

    hahaaha, man good times, our low f2p unit :D sad i lost all my screenies + photobucket pws
  14. Treatmeants For Sickness

    been sick about a week, i bought some cough syrup and it knocks me out. i just hate having to take it
  15. Starcraft Ii

    true, its hard to get rlly good when ppl dedicate their life and earnings on a game haha/