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  1. Lil Kid Stylin On Errone In Da Club Mane

    where's the b***h n***a mom???
  2. 'trance'

    Took awhile, but I finally finished listening to all of it. Sensational show really; I'm jelly donut.... Jorn and Cosmic Gate had me in a state of trance.
  3. 'trance'

    Know where I can find the tracklist?
  4. John F. Kennedy could finish a drive better than the Denver Broncos
  5. 'trance'

    Trance is my favorite genre of edm. Markus Schulz obliterated my mind at SCMF this year, hope I see him again in Vegas for EDC.
  6. Happy Halloween

    The only candy I see swings on a pole and has daddy issues. Happy Halloween!!
  7. Hold My Hand

    Don't ever take advice from anyone on a girl because it'll make you not be yourself. follow your heart and love when there is love to be had.
  8. Need Good Life Quotes/funny Quotes

    My senior quote was; One day your life will flash before your eyes, and when it does, make sure it's something worth looking at.
  9. Give Me Some Starter Words To Rhyme

    Impressions, Serendipity, Snowball
  10. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

    hey buddy :) still gloving?
  11. Boston Bomber #2

    I would end my life if I was in his position
  12. Daft Punk - Get Lucky

    It's good, I think I'd enjoy it more if it had less vocals though.