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  1. Mm Mains/people Who Still Play

    wow blk inc, can i get an add in the cc
  2. ~Wildy Kings~ The Kings Have Arrived ~ [40-65Cb]

    saw yall in wildy other day, s**t clan
  3. Eop Closed

    s**t clan is finally dead, should of died 2 years ago
  4. South Korea

    Hello, I am thinking about accepting a job in South Korea on a one year contract at the end of the summer. Has anyone been? is there anything I should know? also is where any place I should visit? just very curious in general. I'm roughly 90% sure I'm going to accept the offer. Thanks!
  5. ^ya boyyyyyyy fear my k0o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. To All Of Us Losers Who Still Play

    wow blk inc wow blk inc just message me mate
  7. Feels Like Preeoc Again

  8. Can My Laptop Run Dayz Standalone?

    yeah ull be fine, just set the settings to low-very low under the video tab or ull regret it
  9. wow crazy, praying for his family
  10. [Official] Dayz Standalone

    lol i logged in the other day with a few bros at the tree line of Turno and 4 dudes straight up walked right in front of us without seeing, unbelievable amounts of rage they had towards us ahah, mowed down. add The Best Ever on steam if anyone wants to play.
  11. 2007Scape

    haha too funny
  12. Whatever Happened To

    good t**d gone way too soon. rip t**d
  13. Selling 100K Snape Grass Cheap

    lolgudpk making yall look folish
  14. [Official] Dayz Standalone

    i still play warz lol, might have to hop on dayz finally
  15. Jameis Winston