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  1. never forget lmfao

    enjoi biggest one bang in history man   i remember all those minis 
  2. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    stinger gets master when he get 5 man team in soloq?   sounds like a boost to me.   low diamond 3 all YEAR when it's soloq :D
  3. Eu + Na Lcs Summer Split

    rip tsm can't even beat team8 LOLOL
  4. nilton never changing with those aggressive comments but yea cs:go isnt that easy to get good at at mg1 atm, proby could hit higher if i actually played more than 5 games a week
  5. Lil Guy Update

    dude why dont u chin that's how i plan on training #realgpz
  6. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    can vouch he legit did play 15 games a day
  7. Rockets Vs Warriors

    cavs vs warriors shud be gud
  8. looks dope as f**k good set up d4rk
  9. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    g f*****g g c9 got destroyed take hai out c9!!!!!! get f*****g easyhoon from SKT
  10. s**t i would rek you man
  11. Petition To Ban Furious

    i feel ya on that one estonian
  12. Making #mom Proud

    i am down need some gp tho trying to buy some!!!
  13. in high elo, anyone not playing their main role ends up feeding hard usually
  14. Team Impulse Video 5

    for pride