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  1. Forums have risen once more

    thank god , this acc is the only thing that im proud of in my life
  2. Memory Pictures Of Mm

  3. Custom Sigs For Sale!

    im amazed, im telling u
  4. Dds Stake Max Hits.

  5. Dds Stake Max Hits.

    72 max hit =14 73 max hit = 16 wanna make a bet noob ?
  6. Dds Stake Max Hits.

    15 is never a max hit
  7. Dds Stake Max Hits.

    1 sec edit: f**k i cant post picture or something ill just leave the link http://s18.postimg.o.../mmpaveiksl.png by the way ^ this all counted wearing no arm and no sht( like dds no arm stake)
  8. Made Some Geepees.

    very good
  9. In B4 A Clean

    i clean that herc derp guy everyday
  10. Pathethic, Yet Clever

  11. Staking

    they always look you up, you can right click and choose report option where is your name written more clearly first get 91 str for new max hit
  12. 1 Or 20 Def.

  13. The Supreme Pk Legend

    who took my 2k posts i had 10k+ long time ago