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  1. hey

    hello loved ones
  2. ite m8

    1. Sacred


      well well well

    2. Anieli


      lmfao sacred!!!!!! miss u buddy

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      f**k off 

  3. cuck? you sat back whilst someone fucked you for your bank
  4. im not trying to trigger you, just highlighting the ignorance but rather be in bliss right
  5. comments were tongue in cheek, ie keyboard sweat, w*****g over cartoons etc you're using extreme spectrum examples to prove a narrow minded thought process. i do believe that you can become a better person, why else delete your comment? probably because you realised going to such extreme heights of criticizing someones life is just autistic. im not condoning what theo potentially did, but what have i even said about that. you came in off the cuff spatting crap purely because they're friends i just sympathise for you, thats all
  6. yes i typed a paragraph because i felt sorry, whats your point? i'm trying to educate you, hopefully you can digest that i can afford the effort actually yes i do, however can anyone really sympathise with someone who loses their bank by giving somebody they have never met in real life, access to $1k USD in gold. i don't make my assets in real life open to my friends, why would i in a game. hurrrrrr sure education is a foundation, but not all avenues in life, let alone success is due to it. in fact if that were to be true, and im assuming that you are in fact educated, would you be the one to stress ignorance over another individual? you're a contradiction, but hopefully i can highlight that for you and you can improve as a human being
  7. mate chill out you w**k to cartoons how can you quantify someone based off education, as if there arent wholly educated people who do nothing all day or aren't well off furthermore this forum is dead, in fact i feel sorry for both of you to go to this extent of smashing your keys in the common goal of what exactly? if anyone is portraying signs of a degenerate its someone like yourself, spatting rubbish about someone who to you is just another person behind a computer on the other hand, hilarious, please keep dripping sweat into your keyboard
  8. Notable MM ranks and members?

    anieli has the biggest k0k mm ever seen  
  9. Runescape

  10. Goin hard

    suck my *** liar
  11. Goin hard

    100% not legit rofl
  12. Hello boys

    fuk off virgin

    afk and worst pker eu. this game is so boring can you blame me baby plz.   ps ross if ur reading this i owe u 5m