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  1. Olives

    yes they are quite nice esp with a bit of cheese . spanish olives go good
  2. Just Got Dumped

    didnt even sound like a relationship
  3. listen m8 dis isnt funne anymore every time i log onto scape ur right there followin me, the fk, dont u have a life? if i wc a fkn tree u wc the same fkn tree and ur low wc and chop it the fk down, I tried to dungeoneer alone n u appeared in my dungeon? WHAT THE FCK MAN, plz leave me the fck alone i already payd u 3m like u said and i still always follow me, ffs pls fck off u fgt virg

  4. What Are Your Plans For Summer?

    what kind of car is it?
  5. Coffee Drinkers

    caffine isn't even bad in small doses. He's talking about drinking coffee instead of energy drinks which is a lot better so stfu idiot
  6. Coffee Drinkers

    try a caffe latte.. theyre a milky drink so if you're concerned about the calories just ask for skim milk.
  7. What Do You Waste The Most Money On?

    spent over 13k on my car
  8. Best Tv Series You've Ever Watched?

    breaking bad suits banshee walking dead ( first 2 seaons or around there) south park the office game of thrones dexter ( excluding last season) probably missed a few. no order
  9. dbow him. wot u wait 4

  10. Cropped Jeans

    those ones are a little fab but rolling them up is fine
  11. What Would You Do For A Dollar?

    I'll worry about getting the job later. lol
  12. i just read ur thread wow ur a lil *** lolololol

  13. Hey Pals

  14. I Found One Of You

    it could be anything tho e.g. exxee monkey masturbator