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  1. Gay Marriage - Voting Time.

    Honestly though, even if you have an issue with homosexuality itself... You can't fight the basic principles of marriage. Marriage binds 2 individuals togethers in a legal contract that is upholded by government. Imagine that you are a homosexual (not hard for some of y'all) and then you found your significant other... Both of your parents disapprove, but you still go on living a happy life for 15 years. Eventually either you or your spouse dies, and then what happens? Since those two are not legally binded through marriage then the parents get EVERYTHING. Imagine getting kicked out of your own home because your spouse died and since their parents disapprove of you, take everything you both worked so hard for. (Vice-versa). That's the only reason why I'm in support for fabulous marriage although I don't agree with the notion of a man being with another man.
  2. Why Is Eoc Pking So Fu Cking Bad

    What is the yellow bar?
  3. Post Your Current Opinion

    Awesome kid right here, I got high with him once and all he talked about was Steve. Spilt the beans that he was homophobic, but its ok. I don't judge, I treat people all equally.
  4. Do u still play rs yao ming?