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  1. are u in px s0nnie?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Biig Bear

      Biig Bear

      Something to do on weekends. 

    3. Alb


      Ya i feel you people were just confused because its kind of a random choice and we saw your acc last weekend :D

      Pink_clan fc for ex-mm btw s0nnie

    4. big bootybae

      big bootybae


  2. legend

    1. Pixel Lurer

      Pixel Lurer

      Ddoser scumbag

    2. 3njoi


      jmb s****r

    3. Danny


      ryan promo-er

  3. where did u go fgt

  4. GPU advice

    Idk whats up with mine tbh. I dont need a heater in my room cus of my r9 280
  5. GPU advice

    I'll personally never buy an amd card again. They run too hot.
  6. Danny

    Who all was in today? Like who was the roster?
  7. Danny

    Who was calling? Your piling was terrible and the lack of spears + bad tanking cost you guys a free win.
  8. Danny

    Who is Muffin Maker rofl? You just lost that s**t for the team.

    correct Also mods can see emails atm. Not sure if you wanted that or not.

    When you click on a topic in the Topics tab on the side bar, it takes you to the very last post/page even if you haven't checked that page before. It used to take you to where you left off on a topic. If you never looked at the post before, it would take you to the Original Post. Not sure if intended or not. Figured I'd mention it though.
  11. The Witcher 3

    Controls feel so awkward.
  12. My Comp's Been Hacked

    Change all your info on another computer before proceeding with anything else.
  13. Ice Hockey World Championships 2015

    No way that was charging. That guy dives harder than Cindy Crosby.
  14. Ice Hockey World Championships 2015

    What were you saying about rinne?
  15. [Official] Nhl 2014-15 Season

    I'd be ok with it just to get rid of him from the central division.