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  1. Tiny Maining Scammer.

    with evryone do you mean you and your 20 chins
  2. Tiny Maining Scammer.

    i thought you sold your gp to pay off your irl debts to your druglord you told me :o
  3. Tiny Maining Scammer.

    either way trying to make a topic denied all uve done and saying how i scammed u for no reason isnt gonna do much the ppl who hated me wil hate me i got enough ppl who know im trusted and wont do this for no reason you're just trying to start s**t now cuz you thought i couldnt recover it since u change registered email. u been trashtalking me with ur bs storys since wel jokes on you now init
  4. Tiny Maining Scammer.

    certainly aint hard to xfer stuf of or drop em and take bank pic
  5. Tiny Maining Scammer.

    i love how he makes topic and half ppl believe him id scam for no reason when i been trusted with 20b+ quested for tons of ppl in all pure clans, sold plenty of accs and nothing ever happend. yep ima just randomly scam som1 for no reason gud joke the 200 times you trashtalk me + scammed my s**t on telos thinking i cant do s**t and going to pm ppl how im the r******d one here wel gues wat karmas a b***h
  6. Augury

    ty xD
  7. 99

    gratz yo good skiller
  8. Castle Wars

    very nice man gaat lekker
  9. Augury

    in 3 years they will release a new skill called dungeoneering and there will be a lvl 77 pray pures can use , trust me im from the future
  10. Meth

    gratz man very nice
  11. Tiny Maining

    nice crystal bow, o wait trololololo
  12. Tiny Maining

    yea that guys prety awesome
  13. Buying And Selling A Few Things

    il buy key halves pm tiny maining or /query maining on irc plz thx
  14. Not To Start Any Drama But I Aint No Scammer

    Maining for president
  15. Not To Start Any Drama But I Aint No Scammer

    lol is nhing why kbs idk either hates me or bff or both