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  1. What's up boys, just uploaded my Halloween dubstep mix for 2018. Listen if you dare. It's mostly hard dubstep with some trap and hip hop tracks. Would love some feedback if you like or dislike it. Soundcloud:   YouTube:   
  2. came @ u full pace for trying to 1 up me. posting percentages n s**t, **** outta here with that. sold the grays, 4333 red chins left, 565 each come n get em.
  3. ok pm me, i don't really know the price of them anyways i just want them gone.
  4. PM 'Uzi does it' in game, sold the grays. Red Chins 565 each. I have 4333 left.
  5. In Case Y'all Forgot

  6. Zanik Getting Reddit Attention

    burthorpe games room glitch, pretty old stuff.
  7. Ice Cubes ^.^

    congrat yew lay shuns
  8. Cape Of Fire

    very nice.
  9. 80 Hunter + Loots

    And just because I felt so proud of myself after this, read the chat box below.
  10. Rang3R Elmo's 48 Hour Hunting Log

    nice i just got 80 yesterday. cbf with 83, i have hunter pots for that.
  11. F0Ckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Im Mad. Got Jagex'd.

    oh dear, you are dead!