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  1. I Fixed The Banner

    thats not fabulous
  2. More Life Points!

    what game is that
  3. <b>Guide To Turmoil Rune Pure</b>

    what was your favourite part
  4. Junior Hockey World Championships

    could've been worse. a lot of canada's top junior talent was playing in the big leagues. hell mackinnon could have been playing for canada this year
  5. Junior Hockey World Championships

    won silver in 2010 and 2011 but i agree gold or bust no difference between silver or 7th place (at least for the big four nations)
  6. Junior Hockey World Championships

    what a first period
  7. Junior Hockey World Championships

    congratulations to the slovaks! godla played amazing
  8. Junior Hockey World Championships

    canada's just too deep. expect another massacre tomorrow against the commies
  9. Junior Hockey World Championships

    surprised to see russia beat the americans but the refs were pretty bad in the first period. canada has a practical bye to the finals where they'll face the winner of the russia/sweden game which should be fun to watch predicting 3-0 sweden over russian then 4-2 canada over sweden
  10. Junior Hockey World Championships

    theres a difference between f*****g around against the swiss, the danes, the germans and whatnot and f*****g around in a benchmark game against a gold medal contender like canada or the states. to teams like canada, america, sweden, and russia a preliminary game against one another is far more important than a tournament game against one of the s**t teams. i guarantee you the coaches on any of those countries would take a solid 3-0 win (outshooting the opponent by say 20ish shots) against a medal contender in the prelims over any score against a noname nation (unless a country has to win by a ton of goals to clinch a top seed)
  11. Junior Hockey World Championships

    preliminaries dont mean s**t when teams are still making cuts but when two gold contenders have their full roster they mean a lot. you think the swedish team were thinking to themselves "oh we got pumped by the canadians but its fine we weren't trying our hardest" sure they were trying out new systems and their chemistry wouldn't be at its fullest (higher than canada's id bet) but i guarantee you they were giving 100% of their effort, and 5-1 is 5-1
  12. Junior Hockey World Championships

    5-1 against Sweden in the preliminaries and lost to the Russians 2-1 while outshooting them 55-20 without McDavid, Lazar, and Duclair (three key members of their top 6)
  13. Junior Hockey World Championships

    canada/usa tomorrow will be great. the clear two best teams in the tournament and likely a showcase of the gold medal game
  14. Oldest Mayhem Maker

  15. Which Update Caused You To Quit?

    i was high council in #the_hatred, quit the day after we lost a fullout to mm (2007). came back a few months before the return of the wilderness and joined tlp for a month before the hatred reopened and joined them. quit a few months before eoc and now im back now. i've never had defence higher than 50 in my 12 years of scaping so im thinking of making a zerker so i can actually play this game for more than pvp, especially when the only not s**t clan is eop