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  1. * Introduction Link ( Required ): http://www.mm-rs.org/forums/topic/84780/Cyfeliukas/ RS Name: Cyfeliukas Runescape Stats ( Picture required ): Picture of you on Swiftkit IRC or mIRC (To download Swiftkit click HERE ) Picture of you on TeamSpeak 2 ( To download TS click HERE ): What gear and inventory do you take to events ( Recommended gear can be found Here Pictures REQUIRED ): F2P: P2P: * Do you have any warring/Clan co-operation experience? -If yes then answer these questions as well as you can: What does "DD" Mean?Death dot all on one. What does "Fall in" Mean?Follow leader What does "Off" Mean?Get off of what you attacking What does "Piling" Mean?all on one. We defeat a clan but half of them run into single, what do you do?what leader says. We walk by a high leveled main, what do you do?what leader says A clan member gets attacked by another clan member, what do you do?nothing Our clan trips last for hours and it's REQUIRED that you return, do you promise to return no matter what?I promise Do you know any MM Members? If so, list WHO and for HOW LONG:Love_civic-5years Faked r2h few weeks. Have you been in any other clans before? *If yes, post reason(s) for leaving:Bwt , Ltw , LF , LTU . Bwt , Ltw- Cant remember because it was very old times. Lf- Stopped playing rs. LTU- I left because i couldnt be active. Post pictures of events that you've attended - these are required! Please write the date in your text box so we can see when it was. (If you need the times click HERE ): Fridays f2p pk trip: I was attended to saturdays pk trip too but i cant find the picture , i will find and upload later. This is a pking clan so post pictures of decent kills: http://imgur.com/i474n.png Forum activity is highly important and you are REQUIRED to check the forums at least once a week. If you fail to check the forum within 1 month you will be kicked, do you understand this?Yes Most importantly, did you read the rules?I actually read the rules! Ok , i'l get addy gloves.