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  1. Finally

    Finally got all my cb stats maxed. Not without jagex trolling the fk outta me again tho. Bout a year ago one time during eoc I switched to f2p and then back to p2p, and put me on shared xp without knowing cuz u gotta go into settings to choose which style to train. Killed an ariut and got 8 def. Just yesterday with the grim reaper update they did it again, switched me to shared xp and 9 def. GF And just when I had max melee gear (besides superior scrimsaw, .2 str bonus big whoop) they release some new s**t thatl take like a month to get.
  2. Legendary As F**k

    Hey y'all, haven't posted in a while. Figured I'd check in with ya. They told me it couldn't be done. I proved them wrong. You can watch me killing the boss and getting the kiln cape in my video (second clip in) https://www.youtube....h?v=oUrtZyZDN7g In osrs I achieved 99 cat selling while getting my pure quest cape. No joke I raised 100 cats and sold 99 of them. 3 hrs 20 mins per cat, 6.66k profit per hour and 333 hours total. Sold for like 2.1m lol. I got my pure quest cape, lvl 66 243 qps (65 def for kings ransom and 85 cb for dream mentor needed) What I'm doing now: Taking kids bank in eoc for bond money. I bought 5 bonds for 30m and it got me 90 days membership!!! Working on 60 atk piety. My friend did it and he 44s with dds at like lvl 100 lol. Hes got a cool stream: http://www.twitch.tv/scapesesh Link to my old firecape thread: http://www.mm-rs.org...hl__ kiln cape
  3. Hello, I would like to become a Mayhem Maker! General Information Please tell us something about yourself. Hey, I'm Michael. 20 years old, I live in Washington USA, and attend University and also work at a pool during summers. I started runescape in 2003 and enjoy playing the game. I'm applying to Mayhem Makers, because they are a clan I have always respected. They follow the rules and the spirit of the game. I've been in clans where their leaders and ranks hack and scam their members, which is just annoying to have that bs around. I'm too smart for them though :) I'd also like to enjoy clanning days while we still can, and what better way than to follow Mayhem Makers till the end. What is your current Display Name? Goat Thrower What are your current stats? The picture must show the entire RS screen. Ich bin ein Meatshield What is your combat level in the wilderness (e.g. 74+9)? My combat level is 76. Link us to your Adventurer’s Log. http://services.rune...me=Goat Thrower In order to be accepted your Adventurer’s Log has to be public. If your Adventurer’s Log isn’t set to public you won’t be accepted. Do you understand this? I understand, my adventurer's log is public :) Do you have any plans on raising your current stats? If so, how would you raise them. Raising strength to 99 and constitution to 99. Going for 90 slayer and 120 dungeoneering as well. I enjoy playing soulwars and doing slayer to train. Do you have any other interests online (such as coding/graphics/editing)? p*********y. Where did you find out about MM (eg. MMTube, Pk Videos, In-game)? All of the above, and have been aware of their existence for a while. I've been a fan of I mahatma I and Yankin Deez since forever, and have always respected MM. I have known acquaintances in clans and friends who had been in MM or previously been in it. Do you know any MM Members? If so, list WHO and for HOW LONG: Don't think I currently know any in game, I've been out of the clanning scene for a bit, but I converse with MM members on their irc Channel. <3 BrBa, Kreator and Lucifaux. Where are you from and what is your time zone? If you are uncertain of your time zone you can check it HERE. I live in Washington State, PST time zone, GMT - 7. At what time are trips for you, personally? You can check the trip times here. Friday: 4 PM. Saturday: 2 PM. Sunday: 2 PM. Show us a picture of the pure quests you have completed (e.g. Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Adamant Gloves, etc.). Clan Information IRC is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on Swiftkit IRC or mIRC (To download Swiftkit click HERE ) in the #Mayhem-Makers channel. Also give us your IRC Nickname(s). My Irc name is Goat_Thrower Teamspeak is a REQUIREMENT to join. Please provide a picture of you on TeamSpeak 3. ( To download TS3 click HERE ): Do you have any clanning experience? If so, in which clans have you been before also explain why you left them. My first pure clan was Pure Chaos, Yankin Deez who was a previous founder of MM had been in there as well. The clan disbanded due to the leader's decision. I stayed with those friends and eventually ended up in Massacre. Followed my friends into Venom, which merged into no and fell apart due to inactivity. Friends from venom spread into zenith and other clans while I took a break from clanning. I am currently in a tier 7 citadel skilling clan, The Citadel Kingdom, and also the soul wars clan Fire Souls, they are the 120+ official clan of world 97. Note: I have contacted the leader of my old clan pure chaos, and she has forgotten the runehead password so I'm working with runehead to get off the memberlist in case that's an issue. We, as a clan, have a lot of different events. These events take place in both safe clan wars and the wilderness.What gear and inventory would you take to the wilderness events? Post pictures. Click HEREfor Suggested Gear Setups. F2P: P2P: What gear and inventory would you take to a safe clan wars event? Post pictures. F2P: P2P: Returning is essential to clanning. Show us a picture of your returning sets. Gathered and fixed return sets^ Our clan trips last for hours and it is REQUIRED that you return, do you promise to return no matter what? I promise to return no matter what. Returning is essential to clanning. Do you know what the fastest way to return to deep wilderness (level 35+) in F2P is? The fastest way to return in f2p is to use a waka canoe. Attending events is a requirement to get accepted, post pictures of events that you’ve attended AFTER YOU'VE APPED. Make sure there’s a date on the screenshot so we can determine when it was. (If you need to know the times of the pk trips click HERE): This is a pking clan, post pictures of decent kills Forum activity is very important and you are REQUIRED to check the forums at least once a week. If you fail to check the forum within 2 weeks you will be kicked, do you understand this? I understand, I will actively check the forums. The Mayhem Makers have a set of rules which you’ll have to abide with. If you don’t you will be kicked. Have you read our rules? "I actually read the rules!" Edit 7/16/2012: Updated proper return sets and f2p corrupt weapons in return sets section; added screenshot from Sunday trip on events section.