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  1. Suhb's Guide to 50 Construction Done Easy 1. Introduction 50 Construction is a great investment to make because it makes a house teletab into an AIO teleport. With 50 construction, you can make a portal room that has infinite free teleports to (Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Kharyll, Ardougne, Yanille, and Camelot). You also get a mounted amulet of glory that has infinite charges, so you don't have to keep recharging them anymore. Lastly, you get an altar inside of your house that means you get a fast way to recharge prayer if you are ever training, doing mini-games such as barrows, or even pking. 2. Required Materials 500 Iron Nails 122 Regular Planks 1630 Oak Planks 1 Hammer 1 Saw 12+ Dueling Rings(8) 75+ House Teleport Tabs 3. Constructing Levels: 1-19: Room: Parlour Make: Best Chair Possible (Crude>Wooden>Rocking) x61 (33xp per plank) Materials Used: 500 irons nails and 122 planks Ending Xp: 3973 (Level 19) Levels: 19-33 Room: Parlour Make: Best Oak Chair Possible (Chair>Armchair) x119 (120xp each) Materials Used: 238 oak planks Ending Xp: 18,247 (Level 33) Levels: 33-50 Room: Kitchen Make: Oak Larder x174 (480xp each) Materials Used: 1392 oak planks Ending Xp: 101,333 (Level 50) 4. Routine 1. Start at Castle Wars bank, equip ring of dueling, bring hammer, saw, house tabs, and required planks. 2. Use house tab, build as much as you can. 3. Use ring of dueling to teleport back to Castle Wars. 4. Restock on planks/nails and repeat steps 2-4 until desired construction level. 5. Price Using current prices as of 8/31/13. 500 Iron Nails x 20 = 10,000gp 122 Regular Planks x 600 = 73,200gp 1630 Oak Planks x 500 = 815,000gp 1 Hammer = 1gp 1 Saw = 13gp 12+ Dueling Rings(8) x 1300 = 15,600gp 75+ House Teleport Tabs x 1000 = 75,000gp Total Current Price for all materials: ~988,800gp 6. Credits Shout out and thanks to PPVKIGNX to showing me this.