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  1. Finally

    Finally got all my cb stats maxed. Not without jagex trolling the fk outta me again tho. Bout a year ago one time during eoc I switched to f2p and then back to p2p, and put me on shared xp without knowing cuz u gotta go into settings to choose which style to train. Killed an ariut and got 8 def. Just yesterday with the grim reaper update they did it again, switched me to shared xp and 9 def. GF And just when I had max melee gear (besides superior scrimsaw, .2 str bonus big whoop) they release some new s**t thatl take like a month to get.
  2. Legendary As F**k

    Hey y'all, haven't posted in a while. Figured I'd check in with ya. They told me it couldn't be done. I proved them wrong. You can watch me killing the boss and getting the kiln cape in my video (second clip in) https://www.youtube....h?v=oUrtZyZDN7g In osrs I achieved 99 cat selling while getting my pure quest cape. No joke I raised 100 cats and sold 99 of them. 3 hrs 20 mins per cat, 6.66k profit per hour and 333 hours total. Sold for like 2.1m lol. I got my pure quest cape, lvl 66 243 qps (65 def for kings ransom and 85 cb for dream mentor needed) What I'm doing now: Taking kids bank in eoc for bond money. I bought 5 bonds for 30m and it got me 90 days membership!!! Working on 60 atk piety. My friend did it and he 44s with dds at like lvl 100 lol. Hes got a cool stream: http://www.twitch.tv/scapesesh Link to my old firecape thread: http://www.mm-rs.org...hl__ kiln cape