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This guide will teach you how to use mIRC and talk about some of the basic things that you should set up in order to use it efficiently. I have also added a section talking about Puush because it is very useful for people who don't use SwiftKit and want to take pictures without using print screen and paint. Obtaining mIRC: You can obtain mIRC by downloading it from the official mIRC website. The program comes with a free ~30 day trial and costs $20 to buy from the website. Once your 30 day trial expires you can just press continue when you can and everything will work normally. Installing and Setting up mIRC: Once you have downloaded and installed it setting it up is very simple. The first step you want to do when you open mIRC is to set up your nick info. It should look similar to this: The next step is to configure some settings. Most of these settings are done by default, but this screen is very important for something I will touch later on. From what I remember the only option that you really need to check if you want to is the "Connect on startup" box. mIRC by deafult does not use timestamps (time of message) and you can enable it by going to this screen and clicking enable. The deafult time stand is in hours and minutes, but you can add the ":ss" to the end and it will do seconds as well. It should look something like this: After you finish that press OK and get ready to connect to SwiftIRC. You will be presented with a blank white box with a text box at the bottom. At the bottom enter "/server irc.swiftirc.net" to connect to SwiftIRC. When you connect for the first time you a box will open asking you for your favourte IRC channels. What you want to do is remove the check from that box that says "enable on connect" You are now able to join any IRC channel you wish by doing the "/join #channel" command. Highlights: Highlights are very useful; they will flash or make a noise when someone says your nick or anything you have on your highlight list. Setting them up is very simple and it's very useful. The first step is right click on any nick on a channel and press "Info" and then click the "Highlight" tab. Once you are there you want to press the "Enable highlight" box and then press the "Add" button. After you press "Add" you want to set up your highlight box to look something like this: You can have as many highlights as you want for as many different nicks that you have. You can customize the color that the messages are so it's easier to identify which message is yours. Nick Colors: As you can see in the pics I posted each channel rank has a different color and by default mIRC just makes everything the same. This is very easy to set up and makes it look a lot nicer. What you can do is right click on any nick and press the "Info" button and then the "Nick Colors" tab. Press enable nick colors and then press "Add" Then choose a color to for each channel rank. Your box should look similar to this: As you can see after you press "Enable Channel modes:" you are asked to enter what channel mode. For OP you enter "@", for half-ops you enter "%", for voice you enter "+" and for someone that has nothing (un-voiced) you just leave it blank. Auto-Join and Auto-ID: This is very easy to set up and probably one of the most useful things to have enabled. What you want to do is Press Tools -> Options (Or Alt+O) -> Connect -> Options to get back to this screen: Once you are there you want to press the "Perform..." button to see this screen: Press the "Enable perform on connect" Then enter the following in the "Preform commands" box:
ns id password
j channelname
[/code] It should look similar to this: Once you are done adding channels press "OK" and you're done. [b][u][size=5]Colors and fonts:[/size][/u][/b] You can change the color to any action that is done on mIRC very easily. To change your deafult colors press View -> colors or "Alt + K" and it should bring up a screen that looks like this: You can change the color for anything by just clicking it and then choosing a color from the colors below. To change your font press View -> Font and it should bring up a screen that looks like this: You can choose your font settings by using the drop down bars. [u][b][size=5]Right Click Half-OP option:[/size][/b][/u] When you use SwiftKit you have the option to give/take half-op access from people by right clicking their name. mIRC only lets only lets you do Voice and OP, but it is very easy to add in this option. Open the scripts editor by going to Tool -> Script Editor or "Alt + R" Once you have it open press the "Popups" tab and click the "View" tab at the top and make sure the check mark is on "Nick List" Once there you should see a lot of random stuff that might not make sense to you, but that doesn't matter. What you want to do is add the following line: [code]
.Halfop: /mode # +hhh $$1 $2 $3
.Dehalfop: /mode # -hhh $$1 $2 $3
You should add this line between the OP and Voice options so it should look something like this: Once you're done it you it should look like this when you right click a nick and go to control: Scripts: This is what makes mIRC a lot better than SwiftKit. Scripts are little programs that people can write up to perform certain tasks such as mass highlighting, auto-spamming, etc. This is a bit more advanced and you can learn the language by looking up tutorials online. You can also find scripts online for free or ask others for theirs. Scripts are entered into the remote field of the scripts editor. IRC Logs: By deafult mIRC stores all conversation logs on your computer. You can access them by going to Tools -> Log files You can turn this off by going to Tools -> Options -> Logging and then selecting none from the "Automatically log:" drop down menu. Puush: Puush is a program that will allow you to take screen shots without having to do it manually using Print Screen and paint. You can get Puush from it's website. It's a very simple and straight forward program and it will help you replace SwiftKit completely. I didn't write a detailed guide about it because it is very simple to set up and use and I highly reccomend it. The only issue is our forums don't allow pictures that are hosted by Puush to be used, but that can be easily solved by making the program keep a copy of the pictures on your computer so you can upload them to another website after. No longer an issue. If you have any questions feel free to PM me on forums or IRC or just post on this topic and I will help. If I missed anything important let me know and I will edit it into the topic. Thanks.
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