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Buy OSRS Gold 2018 And Learn New Season Changes

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Summer Is Coming,With the approach of OSRS DMM Summer Season 2018, those whose intend to participate should learn the changes to this new season 9 as well as find a trustful place to buy OSRS gold. And here we are. 

Remarkable changes to OSRS Deadman Season 9
We will list some main changes below, and please read through all of them in advance. 
1.There will be a chance for every NPC in-game to land on an extra drop table (containing highly sought-after supplies). 
2.There will be a chance for bosses to land on a rare table. 
3.Superior monsters appearing during Slayer tasks will have a guaranteed chance of landing on a rare table. 
4.The Old School team has increased the drop rate of the Tome of fire from Wintertodt by x10. 
5.Burn page drops from Wintertodt will be doubled. 
6.The number of bones with each drop from all dragons (Lava dragons excluded) will be doubled too. 
7.The daily XP capacity for Magic has been increased to 750k, while other caps still keep the same. 
8.You will be able to lock or unlock XP gains by talking to Nigel in Lumbridge. 
9.All new players in this Summer Season will have a period of 30 minutes immunity. 
10.There have been seasonal starter packs added, which can be reclaimed once per day, but cannot be used in PvP or traded. 

Buy DMM Summer Season gold from a safe site
At the start of the new season 9, you must be in need of plenty of Deadman Summer Season 2018 gold. RSorder is definitely a very safe place for you to buy seasonal gold and we have been offering the seasonal gold since the first Deadman season. 

Good lucky to everyone,let’s enjoy the Deadman Spring finals and wait for DMM Summer Season beginning from Mar 17 with Runescape 2007 gold for salehere.


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Wow no ones noticed this over one year old post about buying gold from some china website lol


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