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      ots spam our site everyday and we're too lazy to clean it up so we're just closing registrations. If you've lost access to your account contact pretty much anybody on ts: mm-rs.org. 
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Back to osrs again, played since 2004

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Hey guys ive been working on a pure and i have zerker, all pking quests for both accounts are done and ready to pk can i join mm?


cant post pictures??


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we closed in 2013 after we won the Jagex cup on both servers.


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    • ZerkFest OSRS PURE PK Video 1
      By ZerkFest
      Back after a 4 year break, used to be a maxed zerker pre-eoc, now im 60 atk, 87 str, 76 range, been training, pking, training, pking, editing, off and on. enjoy!
    • Buying firecape on 07 1 def | 44 pray | 84 range
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      Never done it on a pure, Willing to pay ingame gp's
      Who can i pm for this?:)
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      Who I am:

      hi guys whattup? I'm alex from the Netherlands and i currently am 18 years old, i'm living in the Netherlands and i'm in my last year of my pre-university education.
      I've been playing rs since like easter 2005, after a year of noobing around i got to know rs and almost immediatly i started making pures and pking (ah those memories)
      I even saw mahatma live once:P

      I've always been attracted to MM because of the level of dedication and the professionality of this clan and after i saw the f2p fight vs foe last weekend i finally decided that i wanted to be a part of this great community.

      I had some stops through the years and i decided to quit forever after the EOC update, but when i checked the RS site like 3 months ago i saw that OSRS was finally there, so i started once again. Im training hard to meet the MM requierements and i definetly plan on joining MM, even though i don't have that much sparetime at the moment.

      Username: 2h Insertion (this was also my last pure account on pre-eoc for those who want to check)

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      Okay guys, I have done a lot of research into pure house training partys and have searched through different cc's such as "PHTP_Channel" etc but all of them are usually dead or do not have enough players to function. Does anyone know of a clan or a team that holds events such as these? I would greatly appreciate if anyone knew anything =]

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