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<b>~!~ Guide Section Rules ~!~</b>

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.:!:.Guide Section Rules.:!:.


Welcome to the Guides forum, a forum of guides made by pures, designed specifically for pures.

All high quality guides will be stickied.

Please feel free to post your own guides, but before you post, please read these rules carefully before posting.



1) All guides MUST be original work - Your work cannot be copied in any way, from any site. All pictures must be taken by you or given to you by a friend with the full knowledge that it will be used in your guide. All information must be written by you.

2) You may not post links to other help sites regarding guides

3) You may not spam or flame guide makers, doing so will result in a suspension

4) Do not post guide requests. This is only here for people who have already made guides. If you know there is someone who knows a lot about a certain skill pm them and ask for a guide

5) Keygens and serial links are not allowed, they are illegal

6) If posting other people guides please include if owner let you use it here.

7) No survey guides.

8) Posting a b******t topic will result in a 7 days suspension.


Tips on guide making:

1) Have an introduction to the topic that you are making a guide in so that people will get a quick overview of what you are going to be presenting.

2) Keep it organized, have sections/chapters with meaningful headings regarding what topic you are talking about.

3) Add pictures! Pictures enhance and clarify what you are trying to explain, generally higher quality guides contain large amounts of pictures.

5) Even if someone has already made a guide in your topic, you still can make one. Strive to outdo and out perform others in making a more comprehensive guide.

Credits to Cookie/Faken



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